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Star Lottorywincars
Cars with the magic coolness

Group Founder: bobdylan
Description: So you won the euro lottory , good now don't go buying a bugatti veyron or Ferrari485 because there not cool and you will just look a n*b with new money. Let's find cars with real mystique , compromise and above all serious desireibility.... One catch, the car must be for sale in the real world
Group Type: Public join
Members: 4
Category: Picture Groups > Transportation

Topics (2)

go The e type Eagal (6) bobdylan Sooooo expensive , it's perfect . How much class can you fit on 4 wheels seriouslydrool.gif

go The F1 (0) bobdylan
It has to be there , this is the actual car even tho it looks like computer graphics , can only find two macas for sale at the mo...

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